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We have cool stuff!

Ever heard of Jack Ketchum? Shara (werewolf series)? Slime City (cult classic movie)? If you haven't yet you soon will!

Jack Ketchum is author of books such as "The Girl Next Door", "Red" and "Offspring". (link to his page: At our Stag & Doe we will have TWO manuscripts of his for raffle. Both autographed and one has his corrections on it! Definitely one of a kind collectors items!

My favorite item for raffle is the stuff from Steven E Wedel. I'd rather keep them for myself but I'm not allowed to! The "Shara" series, his collection of short stories (werewolf ones) and a ghost story as well. All autographed. Once you read Shara, you will never think of werewolves the same way again!

Gregory Lamberson is an award winning filmmaker and author who specializes in the horror genre. He is best known for his films "Slime City" (1988) and its sequel, "Slime City Massacre (2010)," as well as his novels "Personal Demons" (2009) and "Desperate Souls," (2010). And guess what? We have some of his personal collection of movies and books, autographed as well!

So, come on our to our Stag & Doe, there are a lot of great things win. This is just a small taste of what we have to offer. We have a great DJ and there will be food for all!

$10 from one of the coordinators or at the door.

July 2nd, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 530 on Regina St in Waterloo! BE THERE or have a boring night!
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