Wedding and wine

So we have chosen to make our own wedding wine. But it the interest of sanity we must pick only ONE wine to serve.


Any suggestions? Ideas? HELP PLEASE!!!
orion nebula

This years books

These are the books that I have read in 2011. 

  1. The Saxon Shore by Jack Whyte  - The Saxon Shore is a 1998 novel by Canadian writer Jack Whyte chronicling Caius Merlyn Britannicus's effort to return the baby Arthur to the colony of Camulod and the political events surrounding this. The book is a portrayal of the Arthurian Legend set against the backdrop of Post-Roman Briton's invasion by Germanic peoples. It is part of the Camulod Chronicles, which attempts to explain the origins of the Arthurian legends against the backdrop of a historical setting. This is a deviation from other modern depictions of King Arthur such as Once and Future King and the Avalon series which rely much more on mystical and magical elements and less on the historical .
  2. A Spell for Chameleon by Piers Anthony - Xanth was the enchanted land where magic ruled--where every citizen had a special spell only he could cast. That is, except for Bink of North Village. He was sure he possessed no magic, and knew that if he didn't find some soon, he would be exiled. According to the Good Magician Humpfrey, the charts said that Bink was as powerful as the King or even the Evil Magician Trent. Unfortunately, no one could determine its form. Meanwhile, Bink was in despair. If he didn't find his magic soon, he would be forced to leave....
  3.  The Merlin Conspiracy by Diana Wynne Jones -

    In a parallel universe, Roddy (a.k.a Arianrhod), daughter of two magicians who serve the King of Blest, has traveled with "the King's Progress" her entire life. The King's Progress is a mobile Court that continuously roams the Islands of Blest (our England) to contain and control the natural magic in the world. Roddy and her best friend, Grundo, uncover a sinister plot involving Grundo's mother and the new "Merlin" – the magical governor of Blest – to take over the throne and the magic of the universe. When Roddy and Grundo try to warn the adults around them of the plot, they are not believed, and Roddy ends up making a spell to ask help of someone from another world – unfortunately, the only person she manages to find is Nick.

    Nick Mallory (a.k.a. Nichothodes Koryfoides) is a boy living in our own England who dreams about becoming a Magid and travelling to other worlds. A Magid is a sort of magical policeman who travels between worlds and helps people. Nick finds himself accidentally wandering the dark paths between the worlds, where he finds Roddy and then the powerful magician Romanov. Nick finally makes his way to Blest when he finds Maxwell Hyde, Roddy's grandfather, who is a Magid. But Grundo's mother and the fake Merlin have been kidnapping all the most powerful witches and wizards in Blest – including Maxwell Hyde and both of Roddy's parents – and it is up to Nick, Roddy and Grundo to raise the land and stop the plot.

    HA!  I totally flaked on this one!

    Can't keep up since I don't actually recall!

Wedding stuff

I'm kind of panicing. i feel a little overwheled right now. Sometimes I wish i could have gone another route and just eloped of something. but I know that we never would have been happy with it. I don't know what to do now...I've done a lot so far.

We have arranged for a photographer (she thinks she an amateur but that's just cause she never asks for payment for her awesome work), a videographer (who we are hoping will pull through for us. he's been invited as a guest but offered video at so low as we cannot refuse!), officiant (who is paid for), DJ (also paid for), hall rental (final payment is being made this weekend by my inside woman!).

I have my dress awaiting alterations (seamstress is very busy woman), my veil will be made as well. i have to buy supplies to make my headdress soon. The bride's attendants have ordered their dresses and they will find their own shoes soon as well. I have to get one of them to send me a swatch of the fabric to match the jewelry for it.

The music selection is almost done. Caterer is aware of what we want I just have to finalize the order with the paperwork.

The invitations are ready to go...well, they need to be put inside the envelopes and sealed, so ALMOST ready to go. They all have stamps except for the ones getting mailed to the states. I have to get stamps for those still.

Marriage license for is waiting for a few answers to be filled out and then it will be ready to go when the time comes to go get it.

I've got one attendant gift and still trying to think of another. They are not grand, but I am also giving the jewelry as part of the gift.

My flower girls do not have dresses yet, that should be this month I expect.

Wine for toasting we will be buying ourselves. I want a couple bottles of non alcoholic wine beverage for those who don't drink. Like myself.

AHHHHHH! I don't know what to do now. Flowers aren't my responsibility, my step mom is taking care of it.

omfg yay

Kijiji brings people together

I love Kijiji!

It's hard finding people to befriend in Toronto. The place is filled with people always rushing and never stopping to think. Thanks to Kijiji, I've found some pretty cool new people to call friends!

A while back when I won the tickets to see Unknown (btw, not the greatest movie, glad I didn't pay to see it) I posted an ad on Kijiji to offer the extra ones for free. I got a lot of requests for it and we had eventually decided to take a work buddy of Rick's with us. The day of the movie I fell and ended up in the hospital and we found out that the guy who was supposed to go with us can't because his mother is ill. So I popped on to my email and found the lady with three kids under three that responded to my ad for the free tickets.

Her and her hubby came by shortly after Rick got home from work and picked the tickets up from him. I was nursing my leg because I was still planning to go and it needed some healing time. We called them after the show to ask if they were able to make it and how they enjoyed it and it turns out we got along fairly well over the phone and chatted for a bit. We decided that we would email each other and go out for dinner sometime. After a couple weeks of crazy, I got around the emailing her and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Pho Dao Bo with her and her hubby. They are friendly and fantastic people. We are going to go out again soon.

After getting my wedding dress from China and finding it (as I expected) too large, I searched Kijiji for a seamstress that could take it in a bit for me at a good price. After sending many emails I found "Bini". She and I had to cancel one of our meetings and eventually I just ended up meeting her this weekend. I tried on the dress and she and I fussed over what needed to be done and she's going to fix it all for me. She's also going to cook me Indian food. Butter Chicken....mmmmm....we got along great. She likes my jewelry and I gave her one of my hijab pins. She is also another fantastic person!

So Kijiji...THANK YOU!

Not so daily

But at least I am making an effort to write something.

Anyone with a black keyboard they are willing to part with please give it to me! I am going crazy with my stupid M key always sticking and not typing the M when I want it to.

I'm updating my website so that you can buy things with paypal. It's a slow process and the worst thing about it all is that most of the items that pundigrion took are sold so that the pictures I have up are not very good ones. *pouts*

Rhiannon is off to school on the bus, Rick is in the shower getting ready and I am still in my pj's wishing I could have some time off of work but knowing the boss would fall apart without me.

Anyway, got to go do ore website stuff before bring Rick to work. *sigh*

My pants are too tight

I bought new pants yesterday. Jeans really. My only other pair of fitting jeans has holes in the thighs, so they aren't usable as pants for me anymore. Soon I will break out ye 'ol sewing machine and get to using all this material I have. I have ideas forming to be creative, but I'm not sure if they will pan out.

But back to my jeans. they were a bit snug at the store, and I knew that. I am bloated so I figured I would deal while I'm bloated and that when I'm not they would fit nicely. But as it stands I am still bloated. Oh well, they were on sale for $12 and they are nicely embroidered. Great find really, and Rick says my butt looks great in them. So I guess everything will work out well. I bought a shirt for $5 there too. I love WalMart sales!

Rhiannon got on the bus, we had a great morning with her today. A few not so great moments but they were dealt with calmly and I have to say I was very happy with my little girl.

Yesterday my co-worker Elma gave me a bunch of hand me downs for Rhiannon. Some stickers (which I immediately informed her were mine now and I would just share some with Rhiannon...I LOVE STICKERS!!!!), a few clothing items which are mostly too big, a leap brand math turbo toy (super cool thing too) and a stack of young reader novels. They are about 80 pages each on average, larger print, and a few back and white pictures in it. generally about one a chapter. Along the same level of reading as the choose your own adventure books (which I will be uber excited when Rhiannon gets into those!). The first one I gave her, which I knew would be her favorite, was the Garfield one. 71 pages and she finished it yesterday before bed. Started it at 5:25pm and stopped for supper and a bit of whining, getting ready for bed. But before lights out at 7:40 she was completely done. Can you believe it? She's only SIX! Most kids her age are just barely able to read most Robert Munsch books! I'm so proud of her. (btw, pictures of her intently reading in the car are to be posted to FB shortly after this post is, well, posted.)

Well, I'm not sure what else to write about. There is one thing. I don't feel up to going into any great detail, only because it has been very hard for me these last few days. I think I have let all my stress bottle up inside of me and that it ended up really bad. But I am so very lucky to have such a wonderful man. Rick is amazing. He's been so supportive. He got me through some really tough times that I was terrified to face alone. He's the greatest. And I'm so proud to call him mine!

Ok, that's it for today. Maybe tomorrow I will have ore. Depends on when I bring Rick to work. If he's in at 9am I don't have much time to write when I get home and before I have to leave for work.

Ciao all!

Just a quick post

I don't have much tie before I have to run off to work. But I realized last night that I havn't been writing like I wanted to.

I have not settled on a new good routine since Rick changed to a 9am start time. With 8:30am start I could come home and type and still have time to get ready for work myself. I guess I will just have to start getting up earlier.

I reconnected with a past friend through FB yesterday, she's in KW and her and her fiance just had a baby!!! I have to make it out there to visit soon!

Oops, got to go, just ran out of time.



Sorry I didn't get to this earlier. Hoping no one I know on LJ is PLANNING to see this tonight. Please don't bother paying theater price for this movie. It's really not worth it.
Not nearly as good as Taken. Liam Neeson is good, like always, but the movie itself just isn't good enough to waste money to see it on the big screen. There really isn't even any good explosions. Only this one, and it's one of those "how did that tiny bump make the car explode" explosions.
I would suggest waiting to rent it.