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Just a fool to believe

I carried a watermelon

3 October
Welcome to my venting space.

"We think of women as soft and gentle. Yet better you face a man than a woman whose child or kin you have harmed. Men fight war to win, women fight to make the enemy suffer. They have not our strength therefore must they be cunning. They can bear pain as no man could endure. Think no woman weak. Their strength is of a different kind, but it is there. They may be romantic, yet when danger threatens what they love, they can be so practical as would terrify any experienced fighter."
--Silver May Tarnish by Andre Norton

Note: Occasionally, entries in this journal may involve references to homosexuality, BDSM, fetishes, and other adult topics along with the standard 'everyday life' entries. Such information is presented for the purpose of meaningful discussion. Do not add me to your friends list if you find such topics offensive or if viewing such material would be illegal due to your age or if any of those topics would violate the community standards of the jurisdiction in which you access Livejournal.